Forecast - and what to wear


What's the weather?

The webcam picture is set to update every 5 minutes via a satellite internet connection. Interruptions are very rare and may occur briefly during extreme weather conditions or power outages. The temperature displayed in the picture is as accurate as possible, but not scientific. (we show our own indoor temp in case you wonder about that top number).

So what is the weather like in the mountains? In any mountainous climate, weather can change in a matter of minutes, really. In the last few years we have experienced more wind here, a LOT more wind! The day can start with rain and within a couple of hours that wind has blown the clouds up, up and away. This could be the opposite too, the morning looks fantastic, and by afternoon that wind has stirred up clouds and there may be rain.

There is only one thing to do, come prepared. If you see a clear sky in the picture, get here early for your hike, paddle trip or your visit to Barkerville. If you see rain and so much cloud that Mt. Murray is hidden in a mist, there is a great chance that the skies will clear up. Don't miss your planned outing, leave your dress-sandals at home, put on good walking shoes and come anyway.

Most of the time the weather turns out to be okay after all. There could be clouds and rain showers happening all around, but it rarely rains hard all day long. Wind is a factor worth keeping in mind. For your outing a windbreaker/raincoat, a light touque, gloves - for mountain hikes - and long pants in your pack may come in handy. Stay comfortable with good clothing.

snowstickblkEvery fall we put up the "yard stick" just as snow starts flying. This indicates the approximte snow-depth. The stick stands on the ground and each white line indicates one foot of snow.