We are delighted if you visit this site often, and we are happy if it helps you in any way. You can help in return. Keep this website alive by supporting us with a little bit of cash. Why? Well, this site is a volunteer community service, set up with two dedicated cameras (one for the view and a separate camera on a digital thermometer), a dedicated computer running 24 hrs only for this website. There is also a cost for software and upgrades, domain names, website hosting, additional bandwidh cost, electricity and other additional expenses for maintenance and upgrades, not to mention the effort and time spent on technical development and upkeep. We have replaced computers 3 times, and replaced the camera/s since we started in 2010. A new, better camera has now been installed (April 2018), may not be noticable, but it is there, allowing for a larger display picture.

Further improvements, such as higher precision instruments may be possible if we can raise enough funds. Everything cost money, and this site is intended to be a community service.

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Click this button and enter an amount. Your receipt will indicate our Studio Grandell account, but the funds are marked for Barkerville Weather. We so appreciate your help! Thank you!